SMACC - Smart Machines and Manufacturing


SMACC offers high-end services for SMEs the field of smart machines and manufacturing. We boost the ecosystem development of the manufacturing industry and provide a one-stop shop for flexible execution of research-based development projects. Our key assets are rapid solutions, cutting-edge research expertise and extensive partnership networks.

Who's it for

Our services are intended for companies aspiring to

  • identify their own trumps and development targets in the digital operating environment
  • speed up their product and production development
  • test the functionality of their solutions with top experts in the field
  • get access to latest research findings and research infrastructure
  • improve their overall productivity

How does it all happen

Company needs are refined into joint development targets for the entire industry and SMACC’s broader themes:

  • advanced digital and additive manufacturing
  • digital design and modelling
  • digital services and quality management
  • maintenance and life cycle management
  • automation and robotics

Companies can join the SMACC community free of charge and gain access to specialised industry information, events, networks and the joint-use SMACC facilities at Kampusareena, Hervanta Campus. 

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Smart Machines and Manufacturing Competence Center

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