RoboLab Tampere - learning environment for people and robots



Robolab Tampere is a state-of-the art open learning environment for robotics where you can:

  • explore, develop and learn about human-robot collaboration
  • try and become familiar with different technologies
  • utilise the equipment in your studies towards a degree and for the purpose of lifelong learning

RoboLab Tampere is a dedicated space for exploring and experimenting with robotics and related technologies. The majority of our equipment can be freely used after a brief orientation. We provide access, among other things, to:

  • industrial manipulators
  • mobile robots
  • multitude of sensors
  • AR/VR technologies
  • different processing platforms

Who's it for

Companies, experts and students interested in robotics applications.

How does it all happen

An introduction to RoboLab and brief testing sessions are generally free of charge. More long-term tests, study modules and personal support for companies are subject to negotiation. RoboLab Tampere follows similar principles as the Fablab network.

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