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Tampere Universities continuously develop new forms of university-industry collaboration. We represent all levels of research, from basic to applied research and service concepts.

Many forms of cooperation

We have the expertise and resources to meet the needs of organisations and companies. Tampere Universities offer a broad range of opportunities for collaboration. You can access our services, for example, to:   

  • participate in a co-funded research project or an international project
  • launch a development project to support the activities of your organisation
  • benefit from our bespoke research services
  • utilise our measurement and analysis services
  • collaborate with our students
  • join our co-creation platforms

We continuously develop new forms of collaboration and services to foster new collaborations.   Thanks to our effective contract management procedures and flexible operating models, it is easy to initiate collaboration with us.

Collaboration often begins as a small-scale project but may evolve into a long-running partnership or an extensive international project. As our partner, you will have access to the research expertise of our international university community as well as our state-of-the-art research environments, extensive networks and the expertise of our students and scholars. 

The strengths of Tampere Universities are:

  • the depth and breadth of our expertise
  • the combination of world-class research and innovation activities
  • our unique expertise in developing applications that benefit industry, business and the public sector

The benefits of research and development collaboration:

  • supports the renewal and innovation activities of organisations 
  • supports the development and growth of businesses
  • allows companies and organisations to tap into our university community’s expertise
  • offers a front-row seat to the latest research findings
  • helps you find and hire the best talent
  • offers access to state-of-the-art research infrastructures
  • opens up new avenues for joining extensive national and international collaboration networks
  • improves national competitiveness
  • improves the quality and relevance of research and opens up funding opportunities
  • promotes the transfer of knowledge and technology
  • resolves global challenges

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Measurement and analysis services

We offer multidisciplinary measurement, analysis and R&D services to companies and organisations.  We continuously develop our high-quality research infrastructures to best serve as many users as possible. We provide you with objective, accurate and reliable measurement and analysis services.

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Expert and development services

Our university community represents a broad spectrum of sciences and covers the entire research, development and innovation (RDI) chain from multidisciplinary basic research to innovations and development activities. We have unique expertise in developing applications that benefit industry, business and the public sector. Our multidisciplinary research and development platforms combine world-class science and applied research with practical innovations.

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Innovation activities

Together we promote the utilisation of research findings and innovations and support new companies during the early start-up phase. This way we accelerate the sustainable renewal of broader society and industry and business at the regional and international levels. The members of our university community also offer a variety of coaching, mentoring and sparring services for refining, protecting and commercialising your ideas. 

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Research collaboration

Collaborative projects generate new knowledge, expertise, products and services that help address the greatest challenges facing our society and create new opportunities. Active interaction with industry, business and the public and third sectors enables us to respond to our society’s rapidly changing research and competency needs.

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