Research collaboration

Research collaboration may take the form of, for example, a tailor-made commissioned research project, an extensive co-funded project or an international project.

We carry out research and development projects together with companies, public organisations, the third sector and other higher education and research institutions. Collaborative projects are conducted to develop new solutions that meet the needs of society and businesses. 

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Minor contribution to join extensive research projects

Co-funded projects are a common form of research collaboration. The term ‘co-funded’ means that the project is sponsored by and conducted in collaboration between the University and partner companies. As some of the funding comes from public sources, such as Business Finland or the EU, special emphasis is placed on the scientific goals of the projects.

Co-funded projects offers companies the opportunity to join extensive and future-oriented projects by contributing a small share of funding towards the project budget. Co-funded projects have enabled a number of companies to join national and international partnerships and networks. 

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Characteristics of co-funded research

  • The preparations and pre-award phase may take more than 12 months.
  • The projects usually last anywhere from one to four years. 
  • The projects involve several companies and research institutions.
  • The results are generally made publicly available.
  • The parties enter into a separate agreement concerning the protection and utilisation of the results and related compensation. 

Our research groups are continuously on the lookout for new partner companies. If you are interested in joining our research projects, please contact the head of the relevant research group directly. You are also very welcome to attend our networking events to find potential partners. 

If your company is interested in bespoke problem-solving or R&D services, please inquire about commissioned research and our expert and development services.

Strategic partnerships

Strategic partnerships support the achievement of mutual goals

Tampere University follows established procedures for managing university-level strategic partnerships. These procedures are applied to partnerships with companies, public organisations and the key university networks.  

A strategic partnership is a long-term collaborative relationship between two or more organisations    and provides a framework for their complementary activities and investments that benefit all the partners. The investments that the University makes towards strategic partnerships are often based on specific expertise and are indirectly linked to the University’s research, co-creation and teaching platforms. 

A partnership is described as strategic, if it:

  • supports the strategic agenda of the partners
  • is linked to the core activities of the partners
  • has a key role in promoting the renewal and competitiveness of business activities
  • is extensive in terms of volume
  • pools together the expertise of more than one faculty of Tampere University.

The costs and potential risks, advantages and disadvantages of strategic long-term collaboration will be confidentially and openly discussed between the partners in advance. The strategic partnerships are professionally managed through a goal-oriented roadmap approach.

The potential partnership instruments include, for example:

  • commissioned research
  • new talent produced by doctoral programmes
  • Doctoral School
  • research consortia
  • educational opportunities that meet the needs of companies
  • student projects
  • goal-oriented start-up activities
  • donor relations
  • alumni relations
  • co-creation platforms
  • cooperation in education and training
  • infrastructure cooperation

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Commissioned research

Customized solutions for companies

Besides fundamental research, Tampere University has a strong track record of addressing real-world industry challenges and developing new products. Commissioned research projects are tailor-made to serve the specific needs of a customer company. Commissioned projects are funded by the customer company, but the company may seek financial support, for example, from Business Finland or the EU.  

Characteristics of commissioned research:

  • The customer company defines the goals of the project.
  • The results and intellectual property arising from the project are transferred to the customer company. No academic goals are set for the project.   
  • The project may be conducted in the facilities of the customer company or university.
  • The parties agree on possible publications resulting from the project on a case-by-case basis.