Solutions to big and small problems

Long-term partnerships are often born out of collaborative projects that evolve into close professional relationships and extensive international projects.

The Tampere University community helps companies and public organisations resolve their problems, whether big or small. We offer you access to the expertise of our researchers, experts and students to develop your products, services and business activities. Our research and development services are available to all companies and organisations. We continuously develop our operational models and forms of collaboration to meet the needs of companies of all sizes.

Our university community represents a broad spectrum of sciences and covers the entire research, development and innovation (RDI) chain from multidisciplinary basic research to innovations and development activities. We have unique expertise in developing applications that benefit industry, business and the public sector. Our multidisciplinary research and development platforms combine world-class science and applied research with practical innovations. 

We carry out research and development projects together with companies, public organisations, the third sector and other higher education and research institutions. Collaborative projects are conducted to develop new broad-ranging solutions that meet the needs of society and businesses. Even small-scale projects can grow into major collaborative R&D projects, innovations, new jobs and successful business. Together we promote the utilisation of research findings and innovations and support new companies during the early start-up phase. This allows us to accelerate the sustainable renewal of broader society, industry and business at the regional and international levels.

Multiple sources of funding are available for companies for developing their activities. Companies can also tap into these funding opportunities in collaboration with Tampere University or Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Some of the main sources of funding for our RDI activities are the EU funding programmes and Business Finland.

Solutions to a narrowly focused problem

Industry Puzzles Friday

Easy access to the expertise

Industry Puzzles Fridays offer SMEs easy access to the expertise of researchers and other professionals based at Tampere University. The service is designed to help SMEs achieve, among others, the following goals:

  • turn product ideas into reality
  • develop products or production processes
  • take new technologies into use
  • resolve challenges that don't have existing solutions in the market

It’s easy to apply:

  • Prepare a brief written description of your company’s challenge.
  • Send the description to

The service is designed for existing and active companies. We evaluate the suitability of our service case by case.

The employees at Tampere University Company Services put together a multidisciplinary team of experts and schedule an hour-long meeting for the parties.

The service is free of charge. All discussions and information provided by the company are kept strictly confidential. The purpose of the meeting is to map out potential solutions and opportunities for collaboration with the University.

Further information:

MSc thesis

Commission an MSc thesis to gain access to the latest research

A master’s thesis is an extensive, public written work that is counted towards a master’s degree in technology or architecture. Students who write their master’s thesis for a company have the opportunity to participate in a real-life R&D or design project. Companies get to ascertain the competence and aptitude of a potential employee before making an informed recruitment decision.  

Master’s theses are commissioned by companies and organizations that are looking for new talent, additional resources for R&D, or fresh international perspectives.  

A thesis can help a company achieve, among others, the following goals:

  • solve practical challenges
  • develop products, services or processes
  • apply or test new technologies
  • compare options

The company hires the student for the duration of the thesis project. Alternatively, the company covers the costs of employing the student in the department for the duration of the project. A master’s thesis project lasts for 6 - 8 months.

Commission an MSc thesis by technology or architecture student

Companies may employ a student for a thesis project either by hiring a student or by making a donation to the Industrial Research Fund of Tampere University of Technology. The Industrial Research Fund gives out grants, among others, to students working on a master’s thesis or a doctoral dissertation. The Industrial Research Fund is funded primarily by donations and endowments.   

Companies are welcome to directly contact either TUT’s departmental staff or students they know. In addition, employers can advertise their MSc thesis projects through the Aarresaari academic recruitment service at (linkki).

Further information:
Kaisa Niskanen, tel. +358 50 300 5964
TUT’s Industrial Research Fund, Executive Director Mira Toroi tel. +358 40 553 2344

Contact us

Career services at Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Career services at Tampere

See also: Find a student to do a final thesis


Multidisciplinary and fresh perspectives for your organisation 

Demola brings together employees from partner organizations and students from the higher education institutions to tackle agile co-creation projects and demo future product concepts and service concepts. Each year, hundreds of projects are implemented worldwide on Demola’s innovation platform. Demola is the largest innovation platform and alliance of universities to facilitate enterprises’ renewal in the EU, bringing together 60 universities and over 700.000 students. Demola is a concept originally developed by the higher education community in Tampere.

Demola’s model of co-creation benefits organizations that are looking to:

  • encourage their employees to innovate
  • strengthen their culture of experimentation
  • gain fresh ideas and perspectives
  • identify areas for development and potential investments
  • agile experiments and collaboration with students. 

The concepts and demos developed in Demola concretize the possibilities of future megatrends and changes.

How to proceed?

Demola projects are defined together with the partner organisation. A multidisciplinary team of higher education students and 1-3 representatives of the partner organisation work on the project for about two months. 

With support from Demola’s facilitator, the project proceeds from the delineation of potential development areas to the conception of ideas and demos. The project results in a proposal presenting a concrete solution to support the organisation's development and investment decisions. 

The price of one Demola co-creation project is EUR 7,500 (+VAT) including:

  • a description of strategic content and goals of the project
  • an eight-week facilitated co-creation process
  • the participation of 1–3 representatives of the partner organisation
  • the recruitment of 4–6 students with expertise in specified areas
  • a global non-exclusive license to the results of the project (with the option to exclusive rights) 

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Fablab Tampere

Communal workshop for digital manufacturing

Fablab Tampere is an open workshop for digital manufacturing focusing on the integration of various techniques. We can tailor services or events to meet specific needs of companies and organizations interested in

  • co-operation and fast experimentation
  • high-quality machines and equipment
  • challenging students to come up with ideas and seek solutions to the company’s needs
  • learning by doing
  • multidisciplinary brainstorming and idea processing
  • specialised and multidisciplinary creative power of the university community
  • offering fun experiences and fascinating outcomes to their employees and members during workplace health promotion events and product development days.

You can book the entire workshop for your company or organization. The specialized expertise of the University’s researchers is also available. Fablab’s services are subject to a fee for companies.

Our computer-controlled machinery include

  • 3D printers
  • laser and milling cutters
  • a vinyl cutter
  • an embroidery machine
  • and software for designing the work

The staff provides guidance and advice on how to use the equipment.

Fablab Tampere is tailored version of the global FabLab concept created at MIT. The global network currently includes approximately 600 FabLabs.

Contact us!

Project manager Jussi Viljanen, tel. +358 50 300 8839

BSc thesis

Ideal for a narrowly defined research project

A bachelor’s thesis is a public written work that is counted towards a bachelor’s degree and explores a narrowly focused research problem. Bachelor’s theses are commissioned by companies and organizations that are seeking information on a specific topic or are looking for summer workers or students who might write them a master’s thesis later on. Commissioning a bachelor’s thesis from a student is free of charge.        

A bachelor’s thesis may take, among others, the following forms: 

  • literature review 
  • pre-study
  • comparison report
  • market research or competitor analysis

Companies are welcome to directly contact either our departmental staff  or students they know to propose a topic for a bachelor’s thesis.

The universities verify that the proposed topic is appropriate for a bachelor’s thesis and reserves approximately 2-4 months for completing and reviewing the thesis.


OpenLab - development and innovation services for companies and communities

OpenLab offers product development and innovation services for companies and communities. Laboratories with diverse equipment, skilled staff and extensive student resources are available for companies. TAMK’s OpenLab is a part of the SMACC competence centre.

OpenLab consists of TAMK’s mechanical engineering laboratory and learning environments.

We offer the following project, laboratory and education services:

  • product development
  • rapid modelling
  • prototype production
  • innovation services
  • laboratory analyses
  • material tests
  • education services

OpenLab offers services for companies’ development needs from extensive product development projects to individual reports. The projects utilise TAMK’s and its interest groups’ extensive competence and equipment. As a rule, the projects are implemented by students but the expertise of field-specific specialists can also be used.

Students’ mechanical engineering cooperative is also located at OpenLab. It produces services based on commissions.

OpenLab offers diverse testing and modelling services with several years of experience. The laboratory has

  • modern design and simulation software
  • diverse load and endurance test systems

The 3D printer of Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ mechanical engineering laboratory can be used in business cooperation projects. The printer can be used for manufacturing items based on a 3D CAD model using the most common plastic printing technique (FDM).

We also offer tailor-made education for companies, eg equipment education.

Contact us:

Juuso Huhtiniemi
Jani Katajisto
Mika Ijas
Hannu Kivilinna
Petri Pohjola

Competitiveness through co-creation

Our university community and campuses host a broad range of co-creation platforms and networks in different fields. They offer diverse opportunities for involvement to large and small companies, research groups, students and other experts. These platforms and networks bring together people who are interested in similar development themes and open up opportunities for renewal not only to companies but also to industrial sectors.

Each platform employs a different operating model. What they have in common is a culture of experimentation, a multidisciplinary approach, and the sharing of knowledge and expertise.

Join our multidisciplinary collaboration to

  • promote industrial renewal
  • develop new business
  • strengthen the competitiveness of your company and the field in general
  • tap into the latest research knowledge and expertise
  • build contacts with the best experts
  • participate in and organise events
Co-creation platforms

Kampusklubi® - a community of passionate developers

Kampusklubi is a co-development platform for people and organisations that are interested in research, product development and professional development. If you are passionate about new ideas, operating models and multidisciplinary collaboration, you will thrive at Kampusklubi. Our members are companies, organisations and researchers that appreciate

  • in-depth collaboration that brings companies together with other companies or researchers     
  • innovations and fruitful partnerships
  • multidisciplinary contacts and networking
  • opportunities to connect with others around shared interests
  • new ideas and experimentations
  • flexible multi-purpose facilities

Companies and communities that join Kampusklubi as paying members are encouraged to organise activities in the club’s facilities for their employees, partners, stakeholders and fellow members.  

Our facilities, events and thematic groups serve as natural arenas for meeting people in and outside your field of expertise. While some of Kampusklubi’s activities are only intended for members, we also host events that are open to all.  

University Properties of Finland Ltd develops the activities from a customer-oriented perspective in collaboration with the club members and Tampere University. Kampusklubi’s key persons and the inspirational milieu promote cross-sector collaborations and facilitate the finding of shared interests.  

Kampusklubi® is a concept owned by University Properties of Finland Ltd.  

Contact us!
membership agreements, services for members, facility reservations
Jaana Hanninen, Manager of Kampusklubi
tel.+358 400 414 117,

membership collaboration and services by Tampere University
Marjut Kemiläinen, Network and Partnership Development Officer
tel. +358 40 737 2787,

Further information:

Kampusklubi members
Kampusklubi news and events

Kampusklubi is located on the 5th floor of the Kampusareena building on the Hervanta campus of Tampere University. Street address: Korkeakoulunkatu 7, FI-33720 Tampere, Finland.

SMACC - Smart Machines and Manufacturing

SMACC offers high-end services for SMEs the field of smart machines and manufacturing. We boost the ecosystem development of the manufacturing industry and provide a one-stop shop for flexible execution of research-based development projects. Our key assets are rapid solutions, cutting-edge research expertise and extensive partnership networks. Our services are intended for companies aspiring to

  • identify their own trumps and development targets in the digital operating environment
  • speed up their product and production development
  • test the functionality of their solutions with top experts in the field
  • get access to latest research findings and research infrastructure
  • improve their overall productivity

How to proceed?

Company needs are refined into joint development targets for the entire industry and SMACC’s broader themes:

  • Advanced digital and additive manufacturing
  • Digital design and modelling
  • Digital services and quality management
  • Maintenance and life cycle management
  • Automation and robotics

Companies can join the SMACC community free of charge and gain access to specialised industry information, events, networks and the joint-use SMACC facilities in Kampusareena at TUT. 

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CORELAB - co-creation platform for a better built environment

Corelab is a multidisciplinary co-creation platform for the built environment. We foster a culture of experimentation and constitute a strong hub for expertise in the built environment. We bring together companies, experts and students in the real estate and construction industries. Join us, if you are looking to

  • renew the built environment and develop new business
  • strengthen their competitiveness through multidisciplinary collaboration
  • tap into the latest research and expertise
  • build contacts with top experts
  • access to the latest research
  • opportunity to join multidisciplinary and research-based co-creation projects. 

We identify industry-wide knowledge gaps and carry out projects, among others, in the following areas

  • digitalization of the built environment
  • smart cities
  • environmental efficiency and circular economy
  • novel housing and workplace concepts

Participation in Corelab’s events and networks is free of charge. We also offer different paid opportunities for companies interested in collaboration in research and education.  

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CIVIT – Centre for Immersive Visual Technologies

We provide research facilities, equipment and expertise in an emerging field of immersive visual technologies. Students and companies can utilize our state-of-the-art equipment, facilities and international networks.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • visual content creation
  • representation of visual data
  • advanced displays
  • immersive user experience

Our services include for example

  • Different research projects
  • Equipment rental
  • User experience testing and consulting for immersive content
  • Proof-of-Concept services (short-term projects with a focus on applicable results)

Emerging visual technologies are relevant for companies in industry sectors such as

  • Entertainment (e.g. gaming companies, media companies, movie directors)
  • Heavy Industry
  • Technology
  • Architecture
  • Health Care
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Safety critical contexts (e.g. heavy work machines, emergency response, control centers)

How to proceed?

Your company or organization can join our events and community free of cost.  You can also become a platform partner, which allows easy access to CIVIT’s services. 

Contact us

Tampere University, Hervanta campus, Korkeakoulunkatu 6, 33720 Tampere

The Energy Group - Research on energy and eco-efficiency

The Energy Group of the Tampere university community is the largest hub of multidisciplinary research expertise in energy and eco-efficiency in Finland. We provide solutions for challenges relating to energy systems, information and knowledge management, business and the development of society. 

For our partners we offer:

  • world-class expertise that covers the entire value chain
  • the opportunity to utilise our diverse learning and research environments
  • a single point of contact for getting in touch with our experts  

Our group is made up of more than 300 researchers, teachers and professors specialising in energy and eco-efficiency. We are committed to building tomorrow’s world and society in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. We collaborate with the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland through the Smart Energy Systems Competence Center (SENECC).

We offer expertise and services, for example, for

  • companies
  • public organisations
  • experts
  • decision-makers

We develop resource-efficient and carbon-neutral energy solutions for future societies in close collaboration with our partners. Let us hear from you, if you are looking to:

  • participate in preparing research projects in the field of energy and eco-efficiency
  • access our bespoke research services or measurement and analysis services
  • collaborate with our students and tap into our pool of new talent 
  • meet and build contacts with our experts

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Wear Research - in-depth insight into the mechanisms of wear

Wear Research - solutions to the practical wear problems

Tampere Wear Center (TWC) concentrates on both scientific and practical aspects of wear and tribology, trying to bridge the gap between scientific basic research and applied industrial research and product development. The aim of TWC is to provide in-depth insight into the mechanisms of wear and thereby facilitate the development of new wear resistant materials and to find solutions to the practical wear problems constantly faced by the industry.

TWC has excellent infrastructure for wear and tribology research, as well as highly qualified scientists and research engineers for the needs of both long-term scientific research and product development for the industry. TWC conducts research in close collaboration with several internationally recognized partners.

Wear Forum is a collaboration network between TWC, universities, research institutes, and industry. It offers several benefits to the member companies:

  • connects material specialists with wear experts
  • offers both a national and an international collaboration network
  • co-operation link between companies and TWC
  • annual international wear seminar
  • general assembly at least twice a year
  • thematic meetings and training for the member companies
  • coordinator works as a liaison with the companies and makes company visits
  • easy way to offer preliminary or R&D studies for candidate thesis works
  • the member companies can influence the focus areas of the basic and applied wear research
  • Wear Forum portal, which contains a constantly updated wear database including, e.g., wear seminar material, articles and theses

Contact us:
Staff Scientist Kati Valtonen, p. 040 849 0142
Professori Veli-Tapani Kuokkala, p. 040 849 0040

Industry Ambassadors

Invite Industry Ambassadors for a visit

The ‘TUT Industry Ambassador’ is a service concept especially intended for small and medium sized companies (SMEs) that are interested in collaborating with TUT. The team consists of four students who give on-site presentations to introduce companies to all the services that TUT offers for industry and business.

Companies are welcome to invite the Industry Ambassadors for a visit, for example, to:

  • receive general information on the modes of university-industry collaboration
  • hear more about the opportunities for and advantages of student collaboration,
  • explore concrete ways to receive R&D support, 
  • initiate possible collaboration to meet their current development needs

The Industry Ambassadors’ visits are always prearranged and tailored to specific company needs. As the Ambassadors are students, their services are available during the academic semesters running from September to April.

Contact us:

Meet the Industry Ambassadors

We are the students of technology, and Industry Ambassadors 2018 - 2019

Pinja Kilpeläinen, third-year student majoring in chemistry

– It is extremely important to increase awareness of students of technology and our University, especially in companies that do not yet know us.

Maria Juponaho, third-year student majoring in chemistry

– The Industry Ambassador concept is a great opportunity to get to know SMEs in and around Tampere.

Santtu Koskinen, third-year student majoring in Industrial Management

– I'm acting as a link between the University and Companies which is both interesting and challenging.

Aaro Tuukkanen, fourth-year student majoring in Mechanical Engingeering

– As an Industry Ambassador I get a chance to promote collaboration between the University and companies.