Tiimiyrittäjät istuvat ringissä keskustelemassa ja oppimassa yhdessä.

Proakatemia – team entrepreneurs for your company


Proakatemia offers a wide range of services and coaching that is customised for your organization and your needs. Our students offer your company bold and creative ideas and provide your business with aspects that you have never even thought about!

Proakatemia is a unit of entrepreneurship and team leadership in Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The students of Proakatemia establish their own company in the beginning of their studies and carry out their studies by working for this company. Our students are team entrepreneurs. The method of team learning has been in use in Proakatemia since 1999. Because of their different interests and backgrounds our team entrepreneurs are experts in sales, marketing, business administration among many other fields.

Who's it for

Contact us if you want to

  • develop and improve your organization
  • get new ideas and fresh perspective on your business activities
  • benefit from skills and knowledge of the future
  • deepen your understanding about the youth as a target group
  • resources for project work

How does it all happen

Our students offer your company bold and creative ideas and provide your business fresh aspects. Ask for help and solutions for

  • sales
  • marketing and advertising
  • content creation
  • event production
  • service design and target group analysis

Ask also for following collaboration concepts:

24H challenge
  • In their final year, the students take part in 24H challenge. For this we seek every year new assignments provided by companies and communities.

Coaching services

Proakatemia’s  coaching services are suited for companies and communities that are willing to improve their organization and utilize team learning as a method in their daily activities.

    Contact us and describe your challenge. Together we will find the best solutions.

    Contact us

    For further information visit our website: https://proakatemia.fi/

    Head Coach Tanja Verho
    Tel. +358 40 652 9114
    e-mail: tanja.verho [at] tuni.fi

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