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Midwifery programme.

Midwifery Programme for Hospital Nurses


A midwife in Finland is an expert who carries out and develops midwifery independently, as well as in multiprofessional teams. The core values of midwifery are respect for individuals, human dignity, confidentiality, responsibility and high-quality professional conduct.

The professional competencies of registered nurses / midwives consist of ethical conduct, health promotion, decision making, guidance and teaching, collaboration, research and development, leadership, multicultural nursing, societal activities, clinical midwifery and nursing, and medication. The competencies are based on evidence-based midwifery and nursing, nursing science and other supporting disciplines such as medicine, social and behavioral sciences.

Child birth statistics of Finland 2017 (population of 5,5 million):

  • 50 858 births
  • 99,7% living babies
  •  Average age to have baby: 30,9
  • Cesarean section rate: 16%
  • Average hospital stay: 2,7 days
  • Premature births: 5,3% of all births
  • Perinatal death rate: 4,0 / 1 000 (219 children)

Midwifery Programme for Hospital Nurses

The midwifery programme for hospital nurses from TAMK includes both studying in Finland and training at the local hospital in the student’s own home country. During the training periods in their own home countries, students will remain in regular contact with their Finnish teachers, by receiving online support and having evaluation discussions. The training is based on team coaching, using various latest pedagogical methods in midwife training.

The programme is offered to groups of nurses and / or midwifes. The maximum amount of participants for one group is 25. The programme consists of 3 parts, each of which take 12 weeks to complete. 

Part 1 – Training in Finland

Part 1 is a 12 week training carried out in TAMK, Tampere, Finland. It consists both of theoretical studies and hands-on simulations.

Study themes:

  • Introduction to Midwifery
  • Gynecological Nursing & Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Antenatal Care (normal and high risk)
  • Midwifery During Normal and Abnormal Childbirth
  • Postnatal Care

Part 2 – Practical training at your local hospital

Part 2 consists of 12 week practicing and implementing theory into the participant's own working environment at a local hospital. During this period, a teacher from TAMK will be in regular contact with the participants and arrange Skype meetings and evaluation discussions. The participants will be given assignments which they will complete during this period.

Part 3 – TAMK teachers visiting your local hospital

Part 3 consists of a 12 week training period at your local hospital environment. During this period, TAMK teachers will visit you at your local hospital environment to give further training. The participants will prepare an oral presentation and a written paper for a seminar or conference at the end of the programme.

We tailor all of our programmes to meet the specific needs of each group and organisation. Contact us to learn more!


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