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Measurement, analysis and laboratory services at Tampere Universities


Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences offer a broad range of multidisciplinary R&D and analysis services. We continuously develop our high-quality research infrastructures to serve as many users as possible. Our research environment enables the achievement of ambitious scientific goals.

Who's it for

Companies who seek

  • access to our state-of-the-art testing facilities, laboratories and cleanrooms
  • standardised and applied measurements and analyses
  • structural and electrical measurements
  • materials analysis
  • environmental monitoring
  • data for product development
  • quality control
  • the management of customer claims

How does it all happen

We provide your company with impartial, accurate and reliable measurements and analyses. Please specify your needs and contact our laboratories to inquire services. If you are not able to identify or find the suitable service for your needs, ask further assistance by email: industry [at] tuni.fi

Please also inquire about our consultancy and professional development services.

Contact us

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Measurement and analysis services

If you have trouble to find what you are looking for, please e-mail

industry [at] tuni.fi

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