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Energia- ja ekotehokkuustutkimus

The Energy Group - research on energy and eco-efficiency

Tampere Universities


The Energy Group of the Tampere Universities is the largest hub of multidisciplinary research expertise in energy and eco-efficiency in Finland. We provide solutions for challenges relating to energy systems, information and knowledge management, business and the development of society. 

For our partners we offer:

  • world-class expertise that covers the entire value chain
  • the opportunity to utilise our diverse learning and research environments
  • a single point of contact for getting in touch with our experts  

Our group is made up of more than 300 researchers, teachers and professors specialising in energy and eco-efficiency. We are committed to building tomorrow’s world and society in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. We collaborate with the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland through the Smart Energy Systems Competence Center (SENECC).

We develop resource-efficient and carbon-neutral energy solutions for future societies in close collaboration with our partners.


Who's it for

We offer expertise and services, for example, for

  • companies
  • public organisations
  • experts
  • decision-makers


How does it all happen

Let us hear from you, if you are looking to:

  • participate in preparing research projects in the field of energy and eco-efficiency
  • access our bespoke research services or measurement and analysis services
  • collaborate with our students and tap into our pool of new talent 
  • meet and build contacts with our experts


Contact persons