Osallistu verkostoitumistapahtumiimme tai tule mukaan hankekokonaisuuksiin

Many forms of collaboration

Tampere Universities offer versatile collaboration opportunities in research, development and innovation. Even small-scale projects can grow into long lasting partnerships and major local or global projects. We continuously develop new forms of cooperation and services to support and promote collaboration with organizations of all sizes.

Ways to collaborate

  • participate in a co-funded research project or an international project
  • become a strategic parter
  • launch a development project to support the activities of your organisation
  • utilise tailored commissioned research
  • use measurement and analysis services
  • utilise our agile services for solving narrowly focused problems
  • collaborate with our students
  • join co-creation platforms and networks
  • participate in networking events

Benefits of collaboration

  • supports the renewal and innovation activities of organisations 
  • supports the development and growth of businesses
  • allows companies and organisations to tap into our university community’s expertise
  • offers a front-row seat to the latest research findings
  • helps you find and hire the best talent
  • offers access to state-of-the-art research infrastructures
  • opens up new avenues for joining extensive national and international collaboration networks
  • improves national competitiveness
  • improves the quality and relevance of research and opens up funding opportunities
  • promotes the transfer of knowledge and technology
  • resolves global challenges

Invite Industry Ambassadors for a visit

Industry Ambassadors is a service concept especially intended for small and medium sized companies (SMEs) interested in collaborating with Tampere University. The ambassador team consists of students who give on-site presentations to introduce companies to all the services that university offers for industry and business especially in the field of technology.

Companies are welcome to invite the Industry Ambassadors for a visit, for example, to:

  • receive general information on the modes of university-industry collaboration
  • hear more about the opportunities for and advantages of student collaboration
  • explore concrete ways to receive R&D support
  • initiate possible collaboration to meet their current development needs

The Industry Ambassadors’ visits are always prearranged and tailored to specific company needs. As the Ambassadors are students, their services are available during the academic semesters running from September to April.

Contact us: yrityslahettilaat [at] tuni.fi

Principles of the research and development

Research integrity enables ethically sustainable research practices and ensures the credibility of research results. Sound scientific practice is observed at every step of our research. Tampere University is committed to fulfilling the objectives contained in the Responsible conduct of research and procedures for handling allegations of misconduct in Finland’ guideline issued by the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity. We also appreciate openness of science and support its fulfilment.