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Kampusklubi's operations have been terminated on 31 January 2021.

An announcement of University Properties of Finland

Kampusklubi® (Campus Club) is a co-creation platform developed by University Properties of Finland Ltd and Tampere University for people and organisations that are passionate about:

  • research, R&D and professional development
  • multidisciplinary interaction, networking and collaboration
  • rapid experimentation, brainstorming and the development of ideas

Kampusklubi® is a co-creation platform located on the Hervanta campus of Tampere University. It brings together the University and companies, scientific research and R&D as well as people and ideas. Kampusklubi's staff organises events and activities that support collaboration across organisational boundaries while staying connected with the needs of members and working to combine their interests. Kampusklubi staff offers a broad range of services that help members raise their profile and engage in activities at the interface of different fields.

Kampusklubi’s staff and inspirational milieu promote cross-sector collaborations and facilitate the finding of shared interests. Our co-working spaces, events and thematic groups serve as forums for meeting people in and outside your field of expertise.

    Who's it for

    Kampusklubi members are companies, organisations, researchers and students that are interested, among other things, in:

    • the development of technologies, products and services  
    • digitalisation and robotics
    • augmented reality and virtual reality
    • the sharing of expertise and ideas

    If you are passionate about new ideas, operating models and multidisciplinary collaboration, you will thrive at Kampusklubi.

    How does it all happen

    By joining Kampusklubi, you will become part of thriving community and our network of top talent. As a member, you will have access to our flexible multipurpose facilities and membership services. We also offer events that are open to both members and non-members alike.

    Companies and communities that join Kampusklubi as paying members are encouraged to organise activities in our premises for their employees, partners, stakeholders and fellow club members. 

    University Properties of Finland Ltd develops the platform in response to customer needs in close collaboration with club members and Tampere University.

    Contact us

    For more information visit Kampusklubi website.

    Membership agreements, services for members, facility bookings:
    Jaana Hanninen, University Properties of Finland Ltd
    +358 400 414 117, jaana.hanninen [at] sykoy.fi ()


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