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Kampusklubi - An agile user interface to the university community and businesses

Tampere Universities
Hervanta Campus
Kauppi Campus
City Centre Campus
LocationKorkeakoulunkatu 7, 33720 Tampere


The goal of the campus club is to promote cooperation between the university and companies

The aim is to create and deepen cooperation between companies and the university through the club's activities, flexible facilities and cooperation models. The goal is to gain natural and long-term cooperation between the companies and the university. The focus is on making concrete things happen, creating new projects, networking and finding experts.

Companies can join the Kampusklubi. On behalf of the university, researchers, students and other university services are involved in the cooperation.

The Kampusklubi has a variety of facilities on the Hervanta campus as well as other campuses of the University of Tampere, which the club members can use for various purposes.

The campus club's own space, the Club Room, is prominently displayed on the first floor of the Hervanta campus. In addition to the Club Room, corporate members will have the right to use auditoriums, lobbies, conference and other facilities on campuses suitable for various purposes. The campus club organizes both open-for-all and member-only events. Members can also host their own events at the club’s facilities.


Who's it for

For experts in companies, organizations and the scientific community, as well as for students, for whom multidisciplinary, cross-organizational cooperation and researched knowledge are the keys to development and progress.


How does it all happen

Companies can join the Kampusklubi by contacting the club coordinator.


Contact us

You can find more information on our website:
Membership agreements, membership services, space reservations: info [at]


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