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Impact Canvas® Coaching


Impact Canvas® coaching process gives the tools to describe the impact and benefits of an idea, a research result or a project idea. The focus of the working depends on the idea and can be either the societal impact or capturing the benefits of the potential customer.


The phases of the Impact Canvas® -coaching process are:

  1. Vision
  2. Customer and Solution
  3. Competition
  4. Team
  5. Roadmap – Resources and Actions

The essential component of the Impact Canvas® coaching proscess is sharing and peer-to-peer learning. Testing of own assumptions forms the basis for the coaching. The impact on the society and/or the benefits for the potential customer will be crystallised during the process. Furthermore, the possible end users as well as the potential paying customer will be identified.

Get-to-know visit:

  • This coaching concists of the basics of Impact Canvas® tool and hands-on working with examples or own cases.
  • Duration: approximately 1½ hours.

Complete package:

  • The coaching can be organised in the form of workshops or as a camp.
  • Workshop option: five workshops, approximately three hours per workshop.
  • Camp option: introduction as pre-meeting or instructions by email, two-day camp with overnight in countryside destination and after-meeting with the constructive feedback from the external panel.

Who's it for

The tool is targeted for the pre-start-up or researcher teams who want to describe and iterate the big picture of their idea and its impact. Furthermore the tool can be applied by the facilitators, coaches and experts who are supporting and sparring such teams.

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