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HUBS offers you the opportunity to expand your expertise and find solutions to the real-life challenges of your organisation by teaming you up with students who represent different disciplines. Our approach encourages experimentation and stimulates entrepreneurship and innovation. 

HUBS is a community of entrepreneurially inclined students. For companies and organisations that are interested in collaborating with our students and tapping into multidisciplinary expertise, HUBS offers:

  • ideas and perspectives for the sustainable development of their activities
  • solutions to explore new markets and applications and seek growth 
  • opportunities to carry out agile experiments, develop an increased understanding of their customers and improve stakeholder engagement 
  • services for the commercialization of products or services

Who's it for

People who are passionate about multidimensional collaboration, new ideas and development.
For bold and curious minds.

How does it all happen

You can select the co-creation model that meets your needs from the range of options available. We out together the student teams on a case-by-case basis.

  • Innovation Challenge: facilitated and tailored journey from challenge to solution.
  • C-LAB: eight-week brainstorming sprint to gear up for product launch or entry into new markets.
  • Sprint Innovation Festival: annual five-day sprint to spark new thinking and ideas.

Contact us

hubs [at] tuni.fi
For further information visit our website: hubs.fi

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