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A full Belbin Interplace system, that gives you complete access and control to administer all of your Belbin profiling and reports.

Belbin® Interplace

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A full Belbin® Interplace system gives you complete access and control to set up and administer your organisation's Belbin® profiling and reports along with many features and extras.  

You decide whether to add Observer Assessments, to whom the reports should be e-mailed, who should be in each Team Report, whether to compare individuals to a Job Profile – the list of possibilities is long. When purchasing Interplace, you only pay for the Belbin® Individual Reports.  The price is is 80€ per individual test (VAT 0 %). All other reports are included free of charge. 

The Interplace account also provides you with a wide range of background information, so that as a facilitator you feel confident to use the Belbin® Reports. With eight other Reports available to you, as well as free resources, the Interplace account is your one-stop-shop for Belbin® reporting. 

What is Included with Belbin® Interplace? 

  • Belbin® Individual Reports that describe the individual properties of each team member
  • Many other types of Report, all included with unlimited usage
    • 7-page Belbin® Team Reports for teams under 15 people 
    • 5-page Belbin® Team Reports for teams over 15 people 
    • 1-page Belbin® Working Relationship Reports
    • 3-page Belbin® Job Reports 
    • 2-page Belbin® Job Suitability Report 
  • Three presentations that can be used with or without Dr. Meredith Belbin’s voiceover 
  • 12 handouts to print and use as needed 
  • Access to sample reports 
  • Access to nine 10-minute video clips explaining each of the nine Team Roles (significant for 1:1 coaching) 
  • Ability to add your company logo to the reports 

If you want to get the most out of the reports, we can facilitate you a Belbin® Team Role Workshop!

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