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Mentoring is a process whereby experienced professionals share their knowledge and skills to aspiring talents at the start of their career. Mentoring is based on a voluntary mutual relationship between two persons, one of which acts as a mentor and another as a mentee.

Mentoring programs at Tampere Universities Community

International Talents

International Talents' mentoring program is aimed at international degree students at Tampere Universities or other international talents who live in Tampere but have graduated from somewhere else and seek to start their career here.


MESH-mentoring program is aimed at immigrants with higher education background interested in building their career in Finland. Special coaching is offered for TAMK alumni wishing to become mentors. 

Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems mentoring program is aimed at international spouses of researchers at Tampere Universities and spouses of employees working in international companies in Tampere region. 

PhD. students' mentoring program

PhD mentoring program is aimed at international and Finnish doctoral researchers/PhD students, who are approaching the end of their studies and are interested in getting guidance and support in their career planning.