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Studies for Alumni

Sooner or later, it is time to update your professional skills, deepen or broaden your competence or start a new career. We offer several possibilities and education forms. You can choose studies specially targeted for alumni or develop your own or your organization's expertise to meet the needs of a changing world.

Alumni studies - just for you!

Tampere University

Graduates who have completed a master’s degree at Tampere University may be admitted to Tampere University based on their alumni status to seek further professional development.  As one of our alumni, you may apply for the right to complete courses within your original degree programme. 

Tampere University of Applied Sciences

At TAMK, a Bachelor's or Master's graduate can continue their studies as an alumnus/alumna. We offer you open UAS courses, professional specialisation studies and diverse continuing education. 

Essi Isohanni

Develop as an expert in your field - find your own way!

Tampereen yliopiston opiskelijavalinnan tulokset valmistuivat – tarjolla myös vaihtoehtoisia reittejä yliopistoon

Study with us

Are you thinking about postgraduate studies? Explore our Degree and Doctoral Programmes!

Open higher education studies

Welcome to open higher education! You can study parts of higher education degrees at the open UAS and open university regardless of your age or basic education. Both Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences organise open higher education.

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Continuing Education

We offer different types of continuing education to help you stay on top of the changing working life. Regardless of whether you want to develop your professional skills, specialise, head for a new career or try studying in an interesting field, we have a suitable solution for you.

Professional teacher education

Do you want to study in English to become a teacher in the professional education sector? Tampere University of Applied Sciences offers a programme that can be completed in 1-2 years of flexible, part-time study while working at the same time.

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