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Perioperative nursing studies.

Advanced Nursing Studies – Perioperative Nursing

Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Tree – Continuing Education


The studies are suitable for groups of nursing students who are having their advanced nursing studies in perioperative nursing (= theatre nursing and anesthetic nursing). Nurses who have already graduated can take part in this education as well. The programme provides the capability to act as a perioperative nurse in operation theatre and day surgery units. 

This programme is taught in the TAMK campus at Tampere, Finland.

PART 1: Perioperative Nursing in Different Fields of Surgery and Anesthesia, 4 ECTS

  • Perioperative nursing methods in intraoperative care in theatre
  • Prepairing for the surgery in the role of first assistant and in the role of runner
  • Preparaton and implementation of anesthetic care
  • Basics of aseptic activity in perioperative nursing
  • The responsibility of the perioperative nurse in nursing care, collegial activity and communication as member of the surgery team
  • Theoretical basics of anesthesia and surgery of surgical patients
  • Patient in gastroenterologial surgery and anesthesia during surgery
  • Patient in gynecologial surgery and anesthesia during surgery
  • Patient in day surgery and anesthesia of a day surgery patient
  • Orthopedic surgery and anesthesia of an ageing patient
  • Urological surgery and anesthesia
  • Vascular surgery and anesthesia
  • Patient in ear or neurosurgery and anesthesia
  • Anesthesia in children of different ages
  • Endocrine patient in surgery
  • Perioperative nurse as an anesthetic nurse in postoperiative phase in surgical patients’ care

PART 2: Learning Practical Skills in Perioperative Nursing and in different fields of Anesthesia, 4 ECTS

  • Surgical hand disinfection and growing and gloving techniques
  • Positioning the patient
  • Skin preparation of the surgical patient
  • Draping the surgical patient
  • Handling the instruments
  • Preparing the anesthesia for surgery
  • Invasive cannulations and blood samples
  • Ventilator, anesthetic equipment and monitoring the patient
  • Observation of the patient under anesthesia during the surgery and in immediate postoperative phase
  • Anesthetic medication and medication calculation
  • Emergency incidents during anesthesia 

PART 3: Simulation Studies at Tampere Centre for Skills Training and Simulation, 2 ECTS

PART 4: Clinical Practice for Anesthetic Nursing and for Theatre Nursing, 9 ECTS

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