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About me

Professor of Electrical Power Engineering at the Tampere University since 2004, of which ten years in various management positions. Prior to that, I held various leadership positions in research and product development at ABB for seven years, for example, responsible for ABB's Group-level research at ABB Finland for several years. Prior to 1997, about ten years research and education career in physics at the University of Jyväskylä, the Brookhaven National Laboratory in the United States and the Risö National Laboratory in Denmark. 


Research and education in electrical energy technologies, including social impact. 

Fields of expertise

My areas of expertise include electromagnetics and electrical energy engineering in general and more spesifically renewable energy, renewal of the electrical energy systems, solar energy and photovoltaic power generation technologies. In addition, I have long-term expertise on leading R&D activities both in academia and industry, and technology management in general.  Physics expertise will also remain. 

Research fields

Solar photovoltaic systems and their connection to the electric grid are a key research area. The research activities are closely relate to the ongoing research projects FSR-ABB (Finnish Solar Revolution), SolarX and SolarX-A. 


Annual external funding is around 500 k€.

Selected publications

Look for example at Google Scholar.