Sanni Tiitinen

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Faculty of Social Sciences
| Sub unit: Social Sciences

About me

I work as a post doctoral researcher at Work Research Centre (WRC). I have a doctorate in social sciences; I defended my thesis on the field of social psychology in 2015. My research work focuses on social interaction in various situations related to working life. I have studied encounters between professionals and clients as well as among professionals. When studying interaction between professionals and clients, I have focused, for example, on encounters in maternity and child health care clinics and different counselling and coaching encounters. When studying interaction among professionals, I have focused on organizational encounters related to development work, such as discussing ideas in meetings. 

During the academic year 2019-2020, I teach on courses related to conversation analysis and interactional prosesses in working life situations.

Fields of expertise

work life research, social employment, counselling interaction, development work in organizations, conversation analysis