The world is facing great challenges. We believe that science and research will provide the answers.

Research at Tampere Universities

Research at Tampere Universities focuses especially on topics related to technology, health and society. Numerous research groups and networks operate in our community conducting multidisciplinary and diverse studies across organisational boundaries.

The research undertaken at our Centres of Excellences (CoE) ranges from game culture studies to tumour genetics. 

Our missions in research, development and innovation are to maintain a just and participatory society, to promote health and well-being for all sections of the population, to build effecient and safe environments, and to ensure that social responsibility is respected also in the turmoil caused by digitalisation and the transformation of work.

Research at Tampere University

At Tampere University, research on technology, health and society come together. 

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Research and development at TAMK

We apply the latest research into working life and solve small and large problems.

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Our numerous research projects and development projects conduct multidisciplinary research that crosses organisational boundaries.

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Our research and development projects


Publishing is an important way of presenting and sharing the results of research and development activities at Tampere Universities.

Our publications have a strong development view: the latest research knowledge is also applied as is relevant for working life needs.

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Results and impact

At Tampere Universities, each discipline participates in the sustainable development of society. We follow up on our social impact and use concrete means to measure it.

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