Waste Matters: Change agents' engagement in circular economy transformation

Faculty or school: Faculty of Management and Business | Organisation sub unit: Business Studies

Funded by the Foundation for Economic Education (Finland), the two-year project (1.8.2020-31.7.2022) aims to analyse how various change agents engage in transformation toward Circular Economy (CE) business ecosystems.

The research questions of the project include:

  • How can change agents encourage the diffusion of sustainable waste related practices?
  • What kind of framing efforts can be identified when turning waste into value?
  • How are sustainable value propositions (SVPs) created for various stakeholders?
  • How can digital devices (e.g. smartphone apps or digital platforms) facilitate the shift towards CE ecosystems?

In the project, in-depth understanding of consumers and other change agents in circular economy will be created. These change agents will be examined in a wider institutional context. We study the various business opportunities created by circular economy especially from the point of view of change agents.


Most important publications:

Lehtokunnas, T., Mattila, M., Närvänen, E. & Mesiranta, N. (2020). Towards circular economy in food consumption: Food waste reduction practices as ethical work. Journal of Consumer Culture.

Mattila, M., Mesiranta, N. & Heikkinen, A. (2020). Platform-based sustainable business models: Reducing food waste in food services. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, 24 (4/5), 249-265.

Närvänen, E., Mattila, M. & Mesiranta, N. (2020). Institutional work in food waste reduction: Start-ups' role in moving towards a circular economy. Industrial Marketing Management. Hyväksytty julkaistavaksi.

Funding source

Foundation for Economic Education (Finland)

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