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Tribology and machine elements

Research group focus is on tribology, which investigates the friction, wear and lubrication of contacting surfaces as well as related fundamental failure mechanisms. This gives basis for the analysis and dimensioning of machine elements and systems in terms of their performance and service life as well as machinery operation monitoring and diagnostics.

Theoretical research concentrates on numerical simulation and experimental work on the verification of the models and the testing of real applications. Main applications are frictional joints (fretting), bearings and gears related to, for example, combustion engines, mineral crushers and gear drives in wind turbines and marine applications.

Research focus and goals

Research group goal is to provide advanced tribological expertise and solutions for developing future design concepts for machine elements such as gears, bearings and frictional joints to improve their performance and service life as well as their operation monitoring and diagnostics. This work is done with close collaboration with industry using high standard numerical and experimental methods.

The research topics are typically derived from real industrial problems. Special interest is focused on determining the micro-scale contact effects on macro-scale designs.


Advanced tribological contact design improves energy efficiency, power density and reliability of machine elements and systems having essential contribution to Finnish industrial competiveness.