TEKO - Enhanced integration

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The first objective of TEKO is to create a multidisciplinary operations model for enhanced procedures and experiences of participation. The close-knit interaction between residents, responsible way of doing things together and learning play an essential role. The community motivates its residents to do things for themselves and to help the progress of their integration.
The second objective is to support the target group’s ability to manage their own lives by developing low-threshold counselling services. New arrivals can come to Kototori and receive personal assistance and guidance easily and without having to wait. The project reaches out to the new arrivals instead of them having to look for the project's services.
The third objective is to facilitate integration as a two-way process. The focus is on development of procedures based on the needs of the residents. New arrivals are seen as active members of the community along with other residents.
The fourth objective is to develop cooperation that goes beyond sector lines.


The purpose of the TEKO - Enhanced Integration project is to create a place called Kototori, which will be one of the City of Tampere’s wellbeing centres in the future. The main target group of Kototori is immigrants who are at the beginning of their integration though Finns will also take part in the activities. The project will be implemented
by the Evangelical Lutheran Parishes in Tampere, City of Tampere, University of Tampere and Tampere University of Applied Sciences, which together with the European Social Fund will also finance the project.

Funding source

ESR 2014-2020

Contact persons

Marjo Harju
marjo.harju [at]