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Tampere Wear Center

Tampere Wear Center (TWC) concentrates on both scientific and practical aspects of wear and tribology, trying to bridge the gap between scientific basic research and applied industrial research and product development. The aim of TWC is to provide in-depth insight into the mechanisms of wear and thereby facilitate the development of new wear resistant materials and to find solutions to the practical wear problems constantly faced by the industry.

Research focus and goals

Tasks and core competences:

  • To strengthen the research in the field of wear of materials
  • To build and maintain a world-class infrastructure for wear research
  • To develop wear-related problem-solving services for industry
  • To network internationally in wear research
  • To participate in international research projects
  • Versatile and up-to-date research and testing equipment
  • Researchers with knowledge of and expertise in all material groups

TWC has excellent infrastructure for wear and tribology research, as well as highly qualified scientists and research engineers for the needs of both long-term scientific research and product development for the industry. TWC conducts research in close collaboration with several internationally recognized partners.