New Operational Models for Health Care and Social Services

Our research and development focus on digitalising wellbeing services and solving of challenges related to population ageing in cooperation with companies and public organisations of the field.

Focus areas

We offer multidisciplinary expertise and RDI cooperation in the following focus areas:

Digitalisation and games

Digitalisation possibilities are used in health promotion, development of care and service concepts, as well as in self-care and measuring. Citizens' own role will be emphasised in future. Games offer means for learning, rehabilitation and self-care. Digitalisation offers new internationalisation and business possibilities. TAMK offers strong game expertise, health and business expertise, and customer understanding in its RDI.

Ageing and home services

Our aim is active and healthy ageing. The focus areas are development of home care, use of technology, and wellbeing effects of culture, nature, nutrition and physical exercise. New customer groups, such as third-age people and people with a memory loss disease, create new service needs and business possibilities for companies. TAMK's multidisciplinary expertise offers innovative solutions to current themes, such as life-cycle housing and wellbeing and senior construction.

Customer orientation, sense of community and social inclusion

We develop the quality of services and participants' expertise in a customer-oriented, communal and inclusive manner. We use TAMK's multidisciplinary expertise in development of operations. We use for example applied research of culture, social and health care, ICT, technology and business administration. International cooperation offers us reference data and project partners.

Occupational wellbeing and promotion of productivity

Promotion of productivity is one of the top initiatives in the government platform. Occupational wellbeing and organisational productivity increase when employees are encouraged to use their skills and influence possibilities are created through participatory management. Extending of careers and age management are also current themes.


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