Entrepreneurship and Innovative Business

We are an innovator, developer and reformer of entrepreneurship education. We renew higher education, innovate new education concepts, and develop regional business operation.

TAMK is an active and multidisciplinary developer of entrepreneurship and new business. TAMK has developed new entrepreneurship education concepts in the forefront of higher education institutions. We also participate in many top entrepreneurship and business projects.

Our purpose is to increase knowledge of entrepreneurship and business in the Tampere Region, help our customer organisations to renew their business, and generate competent entrepreneurs to the global and digitalising business environment of the 2020s.

We especially focus on customer-centred activity, continuous value creation, experiences, network-based operations models, and projects which enable development of small enterprises. We have active international cooperation with our partner institutions and networks.

Focus areas

We offer multidisciplinary expertise and RDI cooperation in the following focus areas:

Entrepreneurship and innovations

We have for 15 years used team coaching as a tool in learning entrepreneurship and distributed our expertise in numerous projects. We also have expertise in coaching of individuals. Entrepreneurship and innovation expertise can be used to renew education, support change processes in enterprises, or promote entrepreneurship. TAMK's education innovations include for example Proakatemia, Y-kampus, and Kykylaakso. The Y-kampus service concept has been adopted by Tampere Universities with facilities at all main campuses.

Experiences and games

Experience is multisensual, significant and unforgettable. It produces the feeling of change. How to produce such an experience beyond comparison in the customer? How to develop through stories, design, service design and games? TAMK has expertise both in the fields of media and art and games.

Immaterial value creation

Intellectual capital consists of knowledge and competence, customer and partner relations, and business culture, among others. Knowledge and competence are the basis for efficiency of modern enterprises. Intellectual capital, knowledge management skills, and continuous development are essential for enterprises. Understanding and use of the above-mentioned are of conclusive significance in promoting the competitive strength of enterprises. TAMK completes practical value creation research in cooperation with other higher education institutions. We also develop supervisory duties and learning practices in enterprises.

Business development in SMEs

Controlled growth is a challenge. We cooperate with development and project organisations as well as entrepreneurs and enterprises to develop tools for follow-up and management of economy. Project management has been our core competence for a long time. We also work on development of business models, service design, sales and marketing.


Tiina Koskiranta
Senior Lecturer, TAMK Proakatemia
tel. +358 (0)50 351 8129
tiina.koskiranta [at] tamk.fi