Energy-efficient and Healthy Built Environments

We create and maintain good living environment. We promote new business and use digitalisation and new technologies.

Our key research and development themes are comprehensive practical solutions, energy efficiency and life cycle economy, healthy and safe indoor conditions, circular economy and resource efficiency, as well as environmental and construction surveying and monitoring. We cooperate with professionals of the field and combine expertise of different fields.

Focus areas

We offer multidisciplinary expertise and RDI cooperation in the following focus areas:

Comprehensive practical solutions

We study practicality of building services engineering units and compatibility of technical solutions. Information modelling can be used in the planning phase to ensure that construction products, structural elements and technical systems are compatible. Energy consumption of new buildings can also be optimised by information modelling and simulation of conditions and energy consumption.

Energy efficiency and life cycle economy

We evaluate energy efficiency of buildings, determine pay-off periods for repairments, and study decentralised energy production and renewable energy. TAMK has a learning environment with a ground heat system and solar and wind power plants. It is used for studying issues related to utilisation of local energy production.

Healthy and safe indoor conditions

We study and develop accessibility and functionality of buildings as well as indoor air and lighting factors. The indoor conditions also include structural physics measurements, such as measurement of construction material discharges.

Circular economy and resource efficiency

TAMK has circular economy expertise for example in the following fields: urban cultivation, recycling of fertilisers and construction waste, study of degradability, and development of circular economy business. We participate for example in planning and implementation of local pilots. In the field of resource efficiency, we are interested in sustainable urban construction, new use possibilities of industrial by-products, and resource efficiency of the energy system.

Environmental and construction surveying and monitoring

TAMK laboratories have diverse instruments for individual and continuous construction and environmental surveing and monitoring. We survey structures and ground by means of information modelling, 3D laser scanning, and the machine control model. We also complete home inspections and energy audits.


Eero Nippala
Senior Lecturer
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