Developmental Expertise in Pedagogy

TAMK wants to offer the best learning possibilities for students, which requires continuous, high-level and specialised pedagogical development. It is what we work for.

Our task is to develop and research vocational upper secondary and higher education, vocational and higher education pedagogy, working life based learning environments, and teachers' competence nationally and internationally.

Our mission is to support vocational education teachers, teams, management and networks to work innovatively, effectively and in a working life oriented manner. To achieve the objective we participate in projects, do applied research, develop our operations, and work actively in national and international networks.

Focus areas

We offer multidisciplinary expertise and RDI cooperation in the following focus areas:

Developing teacherhood

We study vocational teacherhood and related changes both as an individual and communal process. We also examine teacherhood as a social catalyst. Education undergoes large changes and teachers' pedagogical competence plays a key role in implementing changes in the vocational upper secondary education and higher education.

Student experience

Student experience research is a new way of helping educational institutions to comprehensively develop their processes and services. The student experience covers all higher education operations. It is possible to support development of the higher education community by researching the student experience. TAMK has studied new students' student experience as well as teachers' and other staff's conception of the student experience.

Learning analytics

Learning analytics is our new development field. We familiarise in its possibilities from the viewpoints of supervising and supporting learning. Digital learning environments produce a lot of information which can be used in pedagogical development. Learning analytics enables analysis of students' digital footprint and offers new tools for pedagogical development.


Hanna Ilola
Director, Professional teacher education
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