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TAMK Circular & Bioeconomy Actions

Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Kuvaaja: Hanna Ylli (TAMK)

TAMK Circular & Bioeconomy Actions - research group is a multidisciplinary team (Mikael Lindell, Riitta Vihuri, Erkki Kiviniemi, Silja Kostia ja Ulla Häggblom). We want to act as a promotor for circular and bioeconomy together with our collaborators.

Our group's motto “the most important thing is motion, direction can be decided later” describes us well. Also in our logo “actions” is highlighted.


Research focus and goals

We want to strengthen and internationalise existing research themes:

1. Sustainable nutrient and material cycles,

2. Innovative Biomaterials and Packaging,

3. Sustainable food systems.

We also want to take bold steps and identify new circular and bioeconomy business opportunities together with partners. Therefore:

1. We actively communicate TAMK's competence,

2. We strengthen and expand our stakeholder relationship

3. We strengthen our international network of partners.



We want  to promote TAMK's impact as an important player in Circular & Bioeconomy in Tampere region, nationally and internationally. 

We are proactive, develop together with our partners and also produce crazy ideas to test and pilot! Welcome to our partner!

More information about us: