TAIKOJA II 2018-2020

TAIKOJA II coordinates the various projects chosen for the Taito program under the Ministry of Education and Culture with the purpose of developing the education of the working age adult population.  

The program focuses on supporting the literacy and ICT skills of social groups that are returning or redirected to working life. TAIKOJA II enables the regional community to build professional networks and to establish permanent educational structures. The methods include seminars and workshops.


The TAIKOJA II coordinating project cooperates with the TAITO program in sharing knowledge between decision-makers and the various operators that work with the social target groups, including immigrants and other minorities in need for professional support.  

Securing equal opportunities is crucial in todays society, and  coordination is needed to avoid overlapping and repeating similar operations and to share knowledge as efficiently as possible.  

Some of the projects listed under the TAITO program in 2018 include Taitotuunaajat, Oppimisvaikeuksista työpaikan osaamisvalmiuksiin, Digipolku töihin, Perustaidot haltuun, InPromptu  Tukea digiosaamiseen, Vahvistu verkossa, Kansalaisen perustaidot, Lukemattomat mahdollisuudet, and many others.

Funding source

EU, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Structuralfunds

Coordinating organisation(s)

TRIM, Sivis Study Centre, Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS)

Contact person

Mika Sihvonen

University Lecturer / Director of the Project

+358 50 318 5898


Marion Fields

Specialist / Sivis Center representative

+358 40 350 4500


Ritva Hyttinen

Lecturer / TUAS representative

+358 44 907 2891