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Thermal spraying

Surface engineering

Our research group does what we have always been interested in: scientific and applied research in order to understand the processing / structure / properties / performance relationships of advanced coatings and surface treatments, with a special focus in thermal spraying, laser and weld surfacing, and thin film technologies.

Research focus and goals

Our goal is to create new information, knowledge and expertise in the field of advanced surface engineering. We educate surface engineering materials specialists for research and development for academy and industry sectors.

Our research is based on a national and international research collaboration network. We collaborate with industry by solving real application problems.

Research interests include preparation of novel coatings and surface treatments by using various thermal spray deposition technologies, e.g. by plasma spraying, high-velocity oxygen/air fuel spraying (HVOF, HVAF), arc spraying, cold kinetic spraying, and flame spraying technologies, by high power laser and weld surfacing, and by magnetron sputtering.

Characterization of microstructure and engineering properties of coatings and surface treatments. Performance of coatings in selected industrial applications, including mechanical engineering equipment, power generation processes, pulp and paper manufacturing, environmental corrosion and wear protection, and other functional  uses of coatings.

Doctoral dissertations