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STUE Sustainable Transformation of Urban Environment (profi6)

STUE emerging profile area profi6

STUE is one of four key emerging research profile areas. STUE research community at TAU is among the forerunners addressing interdisciplinary research on urban environments with a focus on sustainable transformation. It has created a unique profile and orientation by integrating critical theory and research with societal activities and needs to find practical and scalable solutions to urban issues. The community, with nearly 50 professors and senior researchers working in the area, holds an extensive portfolio of externally-funded, national and international projects, including both academic funding and a high share of industry income. The City of Tampere, the largest city in Finland outside the capital region, is thoroughly committed to sustainable urban development and has formed a strategic partnership with TAU. The STUE profiling area formulates novel concepts, radical new research questions, and practical solutions to effect real and meaningful difference.  

STUE creates cumulative evidence and innovative approaches to research, policies, citizen health and well-being, and urban planning, as well as infrastructures and organisations vital for the renewal of science and society. It engages with real-life-events, actors, infrastructures and technologies, creates experiments and operates through joint transformation forums to (re-)design innovative solutions. The city and its citizens, organisations and businesses are directly supported by the research process in their quest for sustainable transformation. The profiling area is based on the dedication of TAU to renew scientific excellence and create innovative solutions in the area not only by investing in interdisciplinary activities, but also by involving a broad set of societal actors in research processes.

Funding source

The Academy of Finland has made the decisions on the latest round of PROFI funding, aimed at strengthening the research profiles of Finnish universities. The Academy’s funding totals 100 million Euros of which TAU received ca. 13 million Euros.

Contact persons

Prof. Liisa Häikiö, liisa.haikio [at]