Stability Analysis and Control of Grid-Connected Systems

The project studies stability issues involved in renewable energy sources and their grid connection.


There has been a strong need to increase renewable energy such as solar and wind during the recent years. Increasing such energy is however not straightforward. One of the greatest challenges are the stability issues which occur when the energy sources are connected to the power grid.

The renewable energy sources are typically connected to the power grid by using power-electronics-based inverters. However, the dynamics of the power grid change over time with many parameters. As a consequence, previously designed inverter may not work properly in the future.


The goal of the project is to develop adaptive control methods for inverters.


Applying the methods, inverters can adapt to varying grid dynamics and maintain optimal operation.

Funding source

Academy of Finland

Coordinating organisation(s)

Tampere University

Contact person

Academic researcher

Tomi Roinila

+358 40 1981 171