SoteNavi - a training project of SMEs and associations

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The project aims to:
1. Develop the target group's skills. Skills to be developed are related e.g. to occupational wellbeing, productiveness, management of change, digitalisation, marketing and service design.
2. Create and build local and national networks between different actors and utilise different methods (e.g. mentoring).
3. Plan, develop and assess best practices and good procedures in order to increase occupational wellbeing and productiveness in enterprises and associations.
4. Find out how to measure occupational wellbeing and productiveness of the target group.


The health, social services and regional government reform is a large administrative and operational overhaul in Finland. The reform impacts on social and health care sector's micro-enterprises, SMEs and associations broadly. In the future, they will have a big role as producers of welfare services. The reform means that the structure, services and financing of health and social services will be reorganised. This entails different kinds of challenges, requirements and needs to the target group of the project (micro-enterprises, SMEs and associations). The main aim of the project is to increase occupational wellbeing and productiveness by providing diverse training and networking known to be important from the viewpoint of occupational wellbeing and productiveness.

Funding source

ESR 2014-2020

Contact persons

Merja Sinkkonen
merja.sinkkonen [at]