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SoC Hub ecosystem

SoC (System-on-Chip) Hub is an ecosystem initiative, coordinated by Tampere University, which will reinforce the domains of System-on-Chip design and microelectronics in Finland. The goals are to disseminate knowledge of System-on-Chip design, increase expertise and attract more professionals to the SoC sector where the demand for expertise is high. The initiative focuses on co-creation between the university and companies that carry out research projects together.

Currently SoC Hub activities consist of two projects.

  1. A project funded by EU Regional Development Fund focuses on creating a community for System-on-Chip design in the Tampere region. The project aims at gathering the key players in the domain of System-on-Chip design and thereby creating a competence network and business opportunities for applications and chip design companies and experts in the Tampere region. We contribute to sharing knowledge in the domain by organizing workshops, seminars and hackathons which are open for everyone to attend (see the events here), and offer consulting services to companies.
  2. A project funded by Business Finland the project consortium develops chip prototypes. This project is linked to Nokia's Veturi initiative which aims at accelerating the development of industrial 5G networks in Finland.

The projects conducted within the SoC Hub will eventually bring together dozens of professors and their research groups at Tampere University. The System-on-Chip prototypes will be developed together in teams that include experts from the partner companies and the university’s research groups.   


The future of Finnish information technology industry requires strengthening the national expertise in System-on-Chip design. This goal will be reached by developing cooperation between different operators in the domain and sharing expertise and knowledge. Through the ecosystem companies, researchers and students will find new meeting points and opportunities.

At Tampere University, SoC Hub is a strategic initiative of the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences (ITC) which aims at reinforcing the research and education of System-on-Chip design. New study modules will be introduced in the field of computer engineering, electronics and communications engineering.

Read more about System-on-Chip design education at Tampere University here.

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