The SAFEHEAT-project studies the use of the moisture safe heating system in partly unoccupied buildings and spaces. The goal of the project is to develop a service concept, that allows moisture safe environment, while minimizing heating costs.


The project starts 1st of September 2018 and ends 29th of February 2020. Professor Juha Vinha from the building physics research group is the project leader while D.Sc. Tommi Mahlamäki from the Laboratory of Industrial and Information Management is the project manager. The total funding for the project is 460 000 ¬ and it receives "New Business from Research Ideas" (TUTLI) funding from Business Finland.


SAFEHEAT - moisture safe heating system creates conditions, in which moisture does not damage or create a risk of moulding. Moisture safe heating system can create the previously mentioned conditions in a very cost effective way, providing substantial saving for heating costs. The importance of the project is increased by the current experiences of indoor air problems and the societal need to increase energy efficiency. Moisture safe heating system can answer both of these challenges in a way that improves sustainability.

The market potential for the new system is high, because it is estimated that just in Finland 5-10% of buildings are temporarily or permanently not in use.

Funding source

Business Finland

Coordinating organisation(s)

Tampere University

Contact person

Professor / Project leader

Juha Vinha

+358 40 8490 296


Project manager

Tommi Mahlamäki

+358 50 0866 641