Responsible research

Our university community generates new knowledge in compliance with good research practice, conducts ethically sound research and promotes an environment of integrity and responsibility in the dissemination of research findings.

Practices that promote open science and research are integrated across our university community.

All researchers are expected to be familiar with the principles of research ethics. Ethical questions must always be considered when designing and conducting research. We are committed to adhering to the guidelines issued by the Finnish Advisory Board for Research Integrity (TENK) for the responsible conduct of research and procedures for handling allegations of misconduct.

The Doctoral School of Tampere University offers education on good scientific practice and research ethics. The Ethics Committee of the Tampere region provides ethical reviews on non-medical research in the human sciences conducted at universities and higher education institutions in the area. Ethical reviews protect the rights and welfare of research subjects and strengthen the legal protection of researchers.

Research data management is an essential part of working as a researcher. We want to offer our researchers, staff and students extensive opportunities for improving their data management skills.