Our publications

Publishing is an important way of presenting and sharing the results of research and development activities at Tampere Universities.

Our researchers and specialists publish articles, books and research data on current topics and act as experts of their field in traditional and social media. Publishing contributes to the scientific and professional knowledge and development of our community.

The special feature of scientific publishing is peer review in which researchers’ manuscripts are read and evaluated by at least two independent experts. In professional publishing, the most important feature is the recoverability of the applied research results. Our publications have a strong development view: the latest research knowledge is also applied as is relevant for working life needs.

The results, impact and visibility of higher education institutions are largely estimated by their publications and scientific and artistic activities. The level and impact of publications are also measured by the number of times they are cited by other researchers.

The purpose of collecting publication data is to produce information about the impact of research, projects and social impact of higher education institutions, which is also a basis for funding. The Ministry of Education and Culture classifies publications according to their significance. The classifications are based eg on the publication forum, intended audience, and whether the publications have been co-authored with international colleagues.

More and more of our publications and research results are freely available on the internet. In international comparisons, our publications are on a high level in the fields of medicine and health sciences and the technological and social sciences. The results of our artistic activities can be seen in the numerous artistic events, concerts, performances and television and film productions we undertake.

The Tampere higher education community publishes

The Tampere higher education community publishes doctoral dissertations and other theses, as well as high-quality books and other works in various publication series. There are two publishers within our community: Tampere University Press and TAMK Publications.

Tampere University Press publishes peer-reviewed scholarly Open Access books in Finnish and English. TAMK Publications specializes in topical issues concerning professional development and competence.

Tampere University Press (TUP)

Established in 1994, Tampere University Press focuses on social sciences, humanities and educational sciences. TUP uses the national label for peer-reviewed scholarly publications granted by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies.

You will find our books on TamPub and on the international OAPEN Library Portal. Our titles are also indexed in the Directory of Open Access Books.

TAMK Publications

TAMK Publications publishes multidisciplinary books to support professional competence and development. We publish studies, reports, textbooks, and for example art books. The majority of our publications are freely available on TAMK's website

You can buy our printed books at the Tähtijulkaisut webstore or via other bookstores. The largest operator in Finland, Kirjavälitys Oy, distributes our publication to bookstores.

Open repositories of the higher education community

The theses produced in our community are mostly published openly on one of our four institutional repositories.We also promote open science by saving open parallel versions of our researchers’ and staff’s publications on the repositories whenever the publishers’ terms permit.


  • Theses by former University of Tampere (UTA) students (master’s theses, licentiate theses, doctoral dissertations)
  • Self-archived, monographs and series articles by former UTA staff
  • Open Access books by Tampere University Press


  • Doctoral dissertations by former Tampere University of Technology (TUT) students
  • Self-archived articles, monographs and series by former TUT staff


  • Theses by former TUT students (bachelor’s theses, master’s theses, licentiate theses)


  • Theses by Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) students
  • Self-archived articles by TAMK staff