Macro image of RF cables with purple overall hue
Research theme

Radio transceivers, RF signal processing and RF microelectronics

Faculty or school: Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences | Organisation sub unit: Electrical Engineering | Lab or field: Communications Engineering and Radio Systems
Measurement of a test RF board with Keysight real-time oscilloscope showing a center frequency of 28 GHz. A hand is adjusting one knob to fine tune the visualization.

Research focus and goals

In this area, we develop new radio transmitter and receiver architectures and related signal processing solutions for efficient interfacing between  the antennas and the digital baseband in communication, positioning and sensing devices. We also develop methods to model and digitally correct different imperfections of RF components, antennas and data converters, with digital predistortion (DPD) being one good example. We also design, fabricate and measure new radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs) for communications and sensing systems, while also develop new energy- and hardware-efficient embedded computing solutions. 

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