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Research data

Research data and data management are an integral part of research. Tampere higher education community continually produces new data, and therefore we at the higher education community provide services and guidance for research data management.

Research data are part of our Open Science and Research policy, as well as the Open Science action plans of Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences. According to the policy, central descriptive information (metadata) of the research data should always be open. Research data are as open as possible, as closed as necessary, depending on the nature of the data.

Data Service

We are developing a Data Service that supports members of Tampere higher education community. Data service is a multi-professional service provided by Tampere higher education community. We are a one-stop service solution and provide comprehensive support for data management for all the members of Tampere higher education community.

Our service comprehends library, IT-support, research and innovation services, document management and law department together with Finnish Social Science Data Archive that specializes in data management. We offer service, tools and training for gathering, documenting, storing and sharing the data. Our service ­supports the implementation of FAIR principles in the data management.