Nanoscale Phenomena and Measurements (NPM)

The mission of the Nanoscale Phenomena and Measurements (NPM) research group is to measure, understand and exploit the nanoscale phenomena occurring in bio-based nanomaterials and devices.

Research focus and goals

Developed biomaterial structures and devices are widely applicable for biomedical applications.

Examples of current research interests are: piezoelectric sensors, supercapacitors, energy harvesting and storage, biomedical microdevices, biomeasurements, processing and analysis of nanomaterial and biomaterials, and scalable manufacturing using printing techniques.


Sampo Tuukkanen, Head of the group, Assoc. Prof.
Juhani Virtanen, Doctoral student
Anum Rasheed, Doctoral student
Arno Pammo, Research assistant
Nipaporn Sriplai, Doctoral exchange student

Contact person

Sampo Tuukkanen

Head of the group, Associate professor

+358 40 541 5276