Our research in Tampere Universities has four missions.

Our missions in research, design and innovation are:

  1. Fair, democratic and inclusive societies
  2. Health and well-being for all at all ages
  3. Socially responsible digitalisation and transformation on work
  4. Resource-efficient and safe environments

The Tampere university community responds to strategically selected global and local challenges through our multi- and transdisciplinary research, development and innovation activities.

Working in close collaboration, research in our areas of strength technology, health, and society will produce breakthroughs in science, business and society.

Based on scientific discoveries and breakthroughs, our innovations and applications benefit humanity through well-being and sustainable society and economy.

We bring scientific knowledge and novel inventions effectively into practice through close collaboration, networking and a well-functioning innovation ecosystem.

We perform research responsibly and collegially, adhering diligently to good scientific practice as well as international and national ethical principles. We are committed to openness, the sharing of ideas, sustainable development, fairness and equality.

Research Strategy of the Tampere University Community