Interacting with robots

Faculty or school: Faculty of Social Sciences | Lab or field: Psychology

In this multidisciplinary project, we investigate interaction between humans and robots. The aim is to investigate peoples psychological and physiological reactions and attitudes towards social robots and how interaction changes when we interact with social robots instead of other humans. The project brings together experts from engineering, psychology, and social sciences.


Do we consider social robots as high-tech machines or do we react to robots as we react to other humans? Interaction with robots can evoke similar emotional reactions as observed in human-human interaction. However, at the moment we do not have understanding of how we react to social robots at different levels of analysis (i.e., physiology, behavior, psychology, attitudes etc.). It is not enough to ask just about peoples general attitudes towards robots or how prepared they would be to accept robots as a part of their every-day life. Acceptance of social robots and development of these types of robots require knowledge about our physiological, psychological and social reactions towards social robots.

Funding source

Finnish Cultural Foundation / Pirkanmaan Foundation

Contact persons

Jari Hietanen


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Atte Oksanen


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Veikko Sariola

Associate professor

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