InnoEVi - Innovative business opportunities enabled by next generation electric vehicle infrastructure

The aim of the project is to create comprehensive view on the future electric transportation and related services and ecosystems, and their impacts to the infrastructures (e.g. electric energy system, charging infra). The project will be realized by the consortium consisting of Tampere University (research group of prof. Pertti Järventausta and ass. prof. Heikki Liimatainen) and Lappeenranta University of Technology working in close co-operation with TU Dortmund University from Germany.


One of the global trends is urbanization. Besides there is a global urgency to improve urban air quality, reduce noise, increase the use of renewable energy, decrease CO2 emissions and reduce the dependency on fossil fuels. Electric vehicles (EV) can provide solutions to face the environmental concerns.

Despite the great potential, EVs, so far, are not used as a flexibility resource for the needs of the modern electrical energy system as controllable charging load or energy storage. This changes will set many new requirements for the charging/discharging infrastructure and related services and market mechanisms. Another extensively growing trend is sharing economy. Car sharing has expanded rapidly across Europe in different forms. Mobility-as-a-services offer the users easy-access and economic alternatives to various forms of transportation.

Also, the rapid development of autonomous cars will very probably change the whole passenger car regime entirely. Instead of considering both issues (i.e. EV charging and car sharing) separately, one of main ideas is to study these two alternatives together, for example, which kind of interactions and potential for novel services they have.


Running of this Co-Creation project includes literature surveys for creating the state-of-art of the topic, initial simulations for receiving better understanding on the challenges and possible solutions, and interviews and common workshops with industrial actors and other relevant interest groups. The aim is to determine the project plan for the long-term joint research project by elaborating the initial research ideas and by building the industrial partner network.

Funding source

Business Finland

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Pertti Järventausta


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Heikki Liimatainen

Assistant professor

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