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EU Kids Online project covers 25 countries. The Department of Media and Communications at London School of Economics and Political Science conducts critical, empirical and engaged research into the central role of media and communications within contemporary society.  

The purpose is to build a body knowledge that will help teachers, child welfare professionals and other adults to prevent bullying, abuse, and promote children's wellbeing.  

The project creates e.g. a database of European research on children and young people's online activities, risks and safety with over 1,500 entries.


According to EU Kids Online children and young people in Finland use the internet mainly for online games, watching video clips and communicating with each other. Using the internet for schoolwork, on the other hand, is less common than in most other European countries.  

Finland is one of the countries where internet risks are encountered more often than in other European countries though few children say that they have not been bothered or upset by something on the internet. The most prevalent risk is seeing sexual images on- and offline. At the same time, young people in Finland seem to have more digital skills than any other country in the survey.

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