Doctoral school activities

Tampere University Doctoral School is an “umbrella”, institutional-level doctoral training expert.

We support the thorough and interdisciplinary academic expertise and employability of all doctoral researchers. Together with doctoral programmes, we offer excellent, systematic, and up-to-date training to all researchers at all career levels.

Some 220 doctorates are defended on a yearly basis in our university. The Doctoral School’s courses and other interdisciplinary events bring together the 2500 doctoral level early stage researchers across faculties and the 22 doctoral programmes.

As a doctoral researcher at Tampere University you are supported both by your doctoral programme and the joint Doctoral School. We follow closely the key guidelines and recommendations for doctoral education provided on the European Union and national level. Accordingly, all early stage researchers are called doctoral researchers in Tampere University.

Participating in the joint doctoral course, you both identify and further develop your transferable, methods and research ethics skills. The 50 joint doctoral courses and other events annually, are there for you choose from and run both in English and in Finnish, in-classroom and on-line. They also help you perfect your interdisciplinary and international skills and to work on your own thesis project hands-on.