The Data-to-Music (D2M)

The Data-to-Music (D2M) project seeks to enable easy sonification of diverse data for improving businesses' designs, products, and services.  

The project's approach falls somewhere between data analysis and musical expression.  

D2M seeks ways to transform data into meaningful musical themes that are then developed through artistic techniques. The resulting scores are performed through computer instruments, or, ultimately, by human orchestras.  

The new expertise will be sonification as a transformation of data to sounds. Through this study, researchers will bring together sciences and musical arts in an interdisciplinary exchange.


The results of the project demonstrate innovative ways to integrate sound as: 1) an important tool for analytical purposes, 2) a significant design feature in industrial automation, or 3) an expression for well-being in business and domestic environments.  

Innovations in these areas will renew how we approach the quality of products and services. The results will have a positive impact on users (workers and customers) and they will also provide businesses with new features for their products and services that will enhance their competitiveness in regional and global markets.  

New sonification techniques provide alternative means for presenting information. Better energy efficiency will lead to cost savings, maintaining balanced natural ecosystems, and opportunities to protect the environment. More comfortable indoor working environments will improve the living standard in Finland. The new application area connects Finnish audio technology with new markets.  

Sonification and audio display are relatively new areas of study and still in a nascent phase compared to visual display research.

Funding source

Business Finland

Coordinating organisation(s)

TAUCHI, Metso Automation Oy, Konecranes, Suomen Yliopistokiinteistöt Oy (SYK), Schneider Electric Buildings, Suunto

Contact person

Roope Raisamo


+358 50 570 2007


Jonathan Middleton

Doctor of Musical Arts