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AddressSähkötalo, Korkeakoulunkatu 3, 33014
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We are resuming experimental research in the field of superconductivity at TAU by restarting and upgrading our cryogenic test facility. The Cryolaboratory is located at Hervanta Campus, in the Sähkötalo building. The laboratory will be equipped especially for studying high temperature superconductors (HTS), and their application to magnets and to other novel superconducting devices functioning at low temperatures (below -150 oC).  

Superconducting state is observed in certain materials, if magnetic field, current density, and temperature, stay below the material dependent critical values. In this state, superconductors can transport DC current without any heat dissipation. This enables for example very high magnetic fields and lossless energy transfer.

Re-establishing the cryolaboratory is a part of SMARAGDI Co-Innovationproject which is funded by Business Finland. SMARAGDI is a collaboration of three research group at TAU and five Finnish companies aiming to develop new technologies for future superconducting applications. Please, find more information of SMARAGDI at project’s homepage  (