Computational Physics

Faculty or school: Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Computational physics has a central role in different fields of physics, as well as an increasing role in tackling complex problems in other areas of science. The computational physics group at Tampere University focuses on basic research in physics, and it also offers methods and numerical tools to multidisciplinary challenges.

Research focus and goals

Particular research topics are novel nanomaterials, electronic structures, quantum matter, and ultrafast phenomena in atoms and molecules. The computational tools and statistical methods developed in the group are also actively applied to interdisciplinary research in, e.g., material science, health technology, and econometrics.

In basic research, the group aims at further understanding of the physical properties of materials, nanostructures, quantum mechanical and complex dynamical systems. For this purpose, the group develops both classical and quantum mechanical models, methods and numerical algorithms and software.

The long-term applications include, for example, next-generation quantum transistors and magnetic memory devices. On the other hand, the aim of the group is to serve the scientific community in various disciplines involving challenging computational tasks and problem solving.

Contact persons

Esa Räsänen

Professor / Head of Research Community

+358 50 301 3386